Architecuture & Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Arc Tech provide total design services (Architect , Structural and MEP ). Always putting the client’s interests first.

The underlying principle guiding us in our operations is to take full responsibility for the buildings we deliver to our clients. To this end we carry out all aspects of the design and supervision based on a consistent series of design steps.

  • In the design planning phase, we confirm the design requirements and consider the basic concept of the construction plan.
  • In the basic design phase, we decide the main features of the plan and study the design specifications and architectural design (form and appearance).
  • In the engineering design phase, we prepare detailed design drawings for ordering construction and study specific technologies to be employed.
  • In the contracting and ordering phase, we draw up detailed cost estimates and contract documents and make preparations for placing orders with the building contractors.
  • In the construction supervision phase, we perform quality management at the building site based on design drawings, and carry out inspections prior to final completion.
  • After completion we perform regular inspections as well as advising on maintenance management and building administration.

Construction Supervision

Supervision of construction projects is carried out by highly experienced engineers with specialized skills, who make sure the work conforms to the design drawings in order to meet the client’s needs and ensure adherance to safety and quality.

  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    Work is checked stringently to achieve a high-quality building satisfying the client’s needs.
  • Cost control

    Cost control

    Construction costs are audited in detail, making sure they are reasonable in order to maximize the benefit to the client.
  • Schedule control

    Schedule control (delivery)

    The work schedule is supervised strictly to ensure that we keep our promise to the client of on-time delivery quality.